Program & Speakers


* Note: This is a tentative schedule. Times are subject to change.

Tuesday, April 23

09:00 - 10:001 hour

Nominating Committee Meeting

(Nominating Committee Members Only)
10:00 - 13:003 hours

Officers' Meeting / New Officers' Orientation

(IPBA Officers only)
13:00 - 14:301 hour 30 minutes

Council Lunch

(IPBA Council only)
14:30 - 16:001 hour 30 minutes

Committee Chairs' / Programme Meeting / Membership Leaders Meeting

(IPBA Council only)
16:00 - 19:003 hours

Council Meeting

(IPBA Council only)

Wednesday, April 24

08:00 - 16:008 hours

Pre-Conference Golf (Venue: Kasumigaseki Country Club)

* Not included in conference participation fees.
  Optional Registration Required.
16:00 - 17:001 hour

Women Business Lawyers Reception

17:00 - 18:001 hour

IPBA New Members, Scholars and Mentorship Reception

18:00 - 20:002 hours

Welcome Reception

Thursday, 25 April

09:00 - 09:3030 minutes

Opening Ceremony

09:30 - 12:303 hours

Plenary Session / Keynote Speeches

12:30 - 14:001 hour 30 minutes


14:00 - 15:301 hour 30 minutes

Concurrent Committee Sessions 1

Panel 1: Banking & Finance + Corporate Counsel

Green Finance: How to prevent greenwashing

Panel 2: Employment & Immigration Law

Employee International Assignments: Contractual & Legal Issues in a Mobile and Remote World

Panel 3: CBIC

Intercultural Negotiations

Panel 4: Maritime

Case Study under Maritime Law – Collision & Mis-Delivery

Panel 5: Tax Law + International Trade

Transfer Pricing & Customs Duties in the Post COVID-19 World : Is it “Business as Usual” or is New Wisdom Required?

Panel 6: ESG + Environmental Law

Is climate change the actual driving force behind ESG?

Panel 7: TMT + Competition

Convergence of Antitrust and Data Privacy Issues

15:30 - 16:0030 minutes

Coffee Break

16:00 - 17:301 hour 30 minutes

Concurrent Committee Sessions 2

Panel 1: DRAC

A new angle on well-trodden ground: revisiting issue conflicts in investment arbitration

Panel 2: CBIC

FDI – ODI – economic security – trade wars

Panel 3: Insolvency + ICPC

Where Restructuring Meets the Road: the Intersection of Construction Law and Insolvency

Panel 4: TMT

Pioneering Space: Commercial Opportunities and Legal Challenges

Panel 5: Employment & Immigration + WBL

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion – how this concept intersects with national law and custom

Panel 6: Next Gen

Legal Minds Matter: Prioritizing Mental Health in the Legal Profession

Panel 7: ICPC

Sustainable construction – tools to achieve environmental objectives in the climate change crisis

17:30 - 18:0030 minutes


18:00 - 21:003 hours

Gala Dinner

Friday, April 26

9:00 - 10:301 hour 30 minutes

Concurrent Committee Sessions 3

Panel 1: Corporate Counsel

What signs will indicate when an organisation may be involvent and how to address the inevitable?

Panel 2: DRAC

"ADR" Re-defined – Amicable Dispute Resolution

Panel 3: CBIC

EU - One Year into Foreign Subsidies Regulation

Panel 4: International Trade

Navigating the Maze of Global Sanctions: A Business Perspective

Panel 5: IP

International IP Protection-Challenges in New Era

Panel 6: WBL

Success Stories in Cross-Cultural Legal Practice - Building bridges for the profession and businesses

Panel 7: Legal Practice

Evolving strategies and trends to attract and retain legal talent

10:30 - 11:0030 minutes

Coffee Break

11:00 - 12:301 hour 30 minutes

Concurrent Committee Sessions 4

Panel 1: DRAC + Three Tokyo Bar Associations

Efficiency and Effectiveness of International Arbitration

Panel 2: Banking & Finance

Consolidated Supervision: How financial regulators cooperate in a global world

Panel 3: CBIC + Corporate Counsel

Choosing your camp in an increasingly multipolar world

Panel 4: Competition

Overview of the Competition Law in various jurisdictions with special reference to hot topics

Panel 5: CBIC

Are SPAs converging to an international standard? Or do local differences remain?

Panel 6: Anti-Corruption and the Rule of Law + Corporate Counsel

How should companies react to allegations of corruption?  A look at practical measure to protect the company and its employees with the aim of reaching a successful outcome

Panel 7: APEC

Law's Role: Progress on Structural Reform Amid Challenges

12:30 - 14:001 hour 30 minutes


14:00 - 15:301 hour 30 minutes

Concurrent Committee Sessions 5

Panel 1: CBIC

How to enforce SPA remedies?

Panel 2: Energy and Natural Resources

Global Energy Development and Cooperation Under the New Geopolitical Situation

Panel 3: Next Gen + Scholarship + IP

Navigating the Pixels and Pitfalls: Gaming Law in Cross-Border Operations

Panel 4: Anti-corruption & Rule of Law + DRAC

A tainted Arbitration: Allegations of fraud and corruption

Panel 5: Employment & Immigration

The Workplace and the challenges of AI: LlaMA2, Bard, ChatGPT and Co.

Panel 6: CBIC

What do transactions lawyers need to know about ChatGPT?

Panel 7: Insurance

The rise of ESG: Directors' Liability and Directors' & Officers' Liability Cover

15:30 - 16:0030 minutes

Coffee Break

16:00 - 17:301 hour 30 minutes

Concurrent Committee Sessions 6

Panel 1: Anti-Corruption and the Rule of Law

Bribery and Corruption in the digital age. How are bribery and corruption perpetrators adapting to and exploiting new technologies?

Panel 2: CBIC

ESG and sustainability considerations in the investment lifecycle

Panel 3: DRAC

Is AI propelling Dispute Resolution into a New World?

Panel 4: Banking & Finance

CBDC and digitial assets: Digitalization is happening

Panel 5: CBIC

Sellers’ liability in distressed transactions

Panel 6: Tax Law

Dispute Resolutions in Tax Matters

Panel 7: Environmental Law + Aviation

Sustainable development in the aviation industry: why and how to avoid flygskam

17:30 - 18:0030 minutes


18:00 - 21:003 hours

Farewell Dinner (Venue: HAPPO-EN 八芳園)

Saturday, 27 April

09:00 - 10:301 hour 30 minutes

Concurrent Committee Sessions 7

Panel 1: Insolvency

Challenges and Opportunities of Out-of-Court Restructurings

Panel 2: Corporate Counsel

Resolving cross border disputes under social-economic conditions

Panel 3: CBIC

Energy transition – clean energy – strategic minerals

Panel 4: International Trade

Key Developments in Decarbonisation: CBAM, Carbon Tax and Trading – Impact on Businesses and Supply Chains

Panel 5: Tax Law

Anti-Abuse & Global Minimum Taxes - Recent Developments

Panel 6: CBIC + In-house counsel in Tokyo

The Roles and Expectations of Corporate Counsel in the New Era

Panel 7: ICPC - DRAC

Rethinking the Art of Advocacy in International Construction Disputes

10:30 - 11:0030 minutes

Coffee Break

11:00 - 12:301 hour 30 minutes

Concurrent Committee Sessions 8

Panel 1: APEC

Transforming the Digital Landscape for Small Business Owners

Panel 2: DRAC

Minority Report: Corporate governance, directors and the state of the shareholder litigation playbook

Panel 3: Employment & Immigration Law

Cross-border Business Protections in the New World - global strategies to protect proprietary information from leaking to competitors when employees wander

Panel 4: ESG

The ESG Delimma: Balancing Ambition and Feasibility

Panel 5: Insurance

Artificial Intelligence - Governance and Risk management exposures and Insurance Coverage for Artificial Intelligence related Claims)

Panel 6: Training & Development

Empowering Tomorrow's Cross-Border Transactional Lawyers: A Panel Discussion on Training Lawyers for Transactional Practice

Panel 7: Maritime

Panel Discussion under Maritime law – Lien, Arrest, Hague-Visby Rules, Subrogation, Ship Finance and others

12:30 - 15:303 hours

AGM with Lunch

15:30 - 17:001 hour 30 minutes

Officers' Wrap Up Meeting

(IPBA Officers only)

Sunday, April 28

8:00 - 16:008 hours

Post Conference Golf (Venue: Narita Fairfield Golf Club)

* Not included in conference participation fees.
  Optional Registration Required.