Maritime Law Panel Discussion under Maritime law – Lien, Arrest, Hague-Visby Rules, Subrogation, Ship Finance and others

Saturday, April 27
Location (Room)
Le soleil
Session III – Panel Discussion
Question 1:
Do the bunker suppliers have the maritime lien under your laws ?
Question 2:
Can the creditors who have the maritime lien arrest the “sister ships” under your laws ?
Question 2:
Can the creditors who do not have the maritime lien arrest the vessel ?
Question 3:
Can the Owners release the vessel which is arrested without acceptance of the creditors ?
Question 4:
How can the arbitration clause in the charter party be incorporated into the B/Ls under your laws ?
Question 5:
Does your country ratify the Hague-Visby Rules and have the domestic laws to incorporate into your system of Laws ?
Question 6:
What is the effect of the payment of insurance to the damaged person, i.e., “subrogation”, in your insurance law ?
Session III – Non-contentious Matters
Question 1:
What is the most favorable point for the Owners in your flag ? Do the Owners have to establish their office or subsidiary in your country to obtain your flag ?
Question 2:
How scheming the ship finance under your country ?
Question 3:
At the sales and purchase of the vessels, does your flag accept the register of the new ownership by submitting the Bill of Sale as PDF by email ?

*This is a Roundtable Session.


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Yosuke Tanaka

Yosuke Tanaka is Attorney-at- Law qualified in Japan and the main partner of Tanaka & Partners, LPC. ( He has been working as a maritime lawyer for more than 30 years in the area of marine casualty, international litigation or arbitration, ship finance and escrow agent for ship sales etc. He obtained LL.M. at University of London (UCL) in 2003 and has been teaching Japanese Maritime Law in Kwansei Gakuin University in Kobe from 2017 and Japanese company Law at Waseda University from 2021, for both of which as a part time lecturer . He can be reached at